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ProComm Single CB Antenna Kit


Recommended for:


Affordable single CB antenna installs. Best suited for installation on pick-up trucks, semis, and off-road or industrial vehicles.


Notable Features:


Affordable Complete Single Antenna Kit, Versatile 3-Way Mirror Mounts


Compatible with:



All CB radios. The three-way mount can be positioned horizontally or vertically for various mirror arms or rails. The back clamp can also be removed, converting the mount into an "L" bracket that can screwed into any vertical surface.




Approximate Range:


3-4 Miles  (note: ranges are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables.


Product Includes:


ProComm Bull Dog CB Antenna
2 Foot (HSS995-F2) 3 Foot (HSS995-F3) 4 Foot (HSS995-F4)