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Pneumatic Internal BeadLock Set


What is a pneumatic internal bead lock?

It is a Tube System that fits on your exisiting 4X4 Wheel Rims.   Use them to lower tire pressure for better traction and less wear and tear on your tires without the fear that your tire will fly off the wheel.    Great for on and off road situations.   Snow, mud, rock crawling - you name it!

By lowering the tire pressure - this increases the traction of your tire by lengthening and enlarging your tire's footprint.   This gives you a softer and safer ride and grants access to areas you never thought you could go!

Sold in sets of 4.

  • Made in the USA!
  • Less money than bead lock wheels.  
  • 50 state legal.  
  • Less weight.
  • Made from milatary grade materials
  • Does not effect wheel balance
  • Can be filled with compressed air or nitrogen
  • 1 year warranty
  • Click here for installation instructions: Installation instructions