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Goldilocks Clutch for Suzuki Samurai

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear
SKU: RG107
Old price: $175.00

We've been experimenting with different clutches for years on our trail vehicles with oversized tires and lower gears.  Stock clutches slip too easily.  Dual friction clutches hold great - but are murder on the leg to be pushing the pedal all day long.   Finally - we have found the "Goldilocks Clutch" that is not too loose and not too tight - but just right for Suzuki Samurai's running oversized tires and lower gears.

This Stage 3 clutch has all the features you would demand from a high performance clutch - at a price that is affordable.

  • No increase in pedal pressure vs. stock Samurai clutch.
  • 60% higher torque and horsepower rated vs. the stock Samurai clutch.
  • 200% more holding capacity.
  • Six cerametallic button discs made from ceramic and copper have a lower radial mass.   Which yields up to a 200% increase in life over OEM woven organic linings.  These buttons will absorb the most energy of any of the available friction materials on the market.
  • HD Pressure plate rated at over 2900lbs

This complete kit includes everything you need.   Clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing and clutch alignment tool.


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