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Auto Escape Tool


This auto escape tool was designed by a NY City Paramedic. It has a sleek minimalist design and includes a 440 stainless steel seatbelt cutting blade and a carbide tip window punch. It has a molded nylon finger grip for the index and middle fingers and a little tab for the ring finger to lay on for extra stability and thumb grooves for thumb positioning.

It includes free nylon sheath with a velcro strap to keep the tool in it's sheath and a longer velcro strap allowing it to attach to your sun visor for easy access.

Look, we never plan to fail.  We just sometimes fail to plan.  This inexpensive insurance policy should be in every vehicle you own.  Not just your trail vehicle.  Teach your wife and children how to use it so that even if you are not in the vehicle or are incapacitated, they can have the knowledge they need to get out alive.

In the event of an extreme rollover or a water landing y'all will be glad this little gem is within arms reach.