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"Your" Engine Rebuild Kit (1.3L)


'YOUR' Engine Rebuild Kit for Suzuki Samurai 1.3L 8V motors.

What is a "YOUR" Engine Rebuild Kit?   Our complete engine rebuild kits include EVERYTHING you need to rebuild your motor.  But what if you don't need everything?   Enter "YOUR" Engine Rebuild kit.  This product allows you to shop for engine rebuild components "a-la-carte".  Simply select the options below that you need - and add to your cart.

Piston Set - STD Piston Set - 0.20 Over Pison Set - 0.40 Over Ring Set - STD Ring Set - 0.20" Over Ring Set - 0.40" Over Rod Bearing Set - STD Rod Bearing Set - 0.10" Over Rod Bearing Set - 0.20" Over Rod Bearing Set - 0.30" Over 1 Connecting Rod (NEW) 2 Connecting Rods (NEW) 3 Connecting Rods (NEW) Full Set NEW Rods (Save $10) Main Bearing Set - STD Main Bearing Set - 0.10" Over Main Bearing Set - 0.20" Over Main Bearing Set - 0.30" Over Valve Cover Gasket (1189-82600) Front Cam Seal (09283-32022) Full Engine Gasket Set Oil Pump Thrust Washers
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