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What's up with Lockright Lockers...

When I was in 5th grade, Mrs. Bowman had our class perform an experiment.  The entire class left the room except 1 child.   She told that child a story.  Then called another child in from outside and had the 1st child tell the story to him.   Then called another child in and had the 2nd child tell the same story to him.  This continued, with each new child entering the room being told the story from the previous child, until the story had been told to all of the kids (I'm guessing maybe 15 or 20).   Then the last child had to recite the story to the class while the rest of us were amazed at just how different the story he tells was from what we heard (which, of course, was different from what the children before us had heard).

Now, imagine this experiment with a classrom of several MILLION students and you have the Internet!  

The point to all this is....don't believe everything you hear on all the message boards and chat rooms on the web.  Lockright lockers will still be available in the future.

Here are the facts regarding Lockright lockers (as I know them)...

Earlier this year, Richmond Gear was bought out by another company.  The new company purchased the Lockright name, all the inventory on the shelves and the rights to continue producing Lockright lockers using the same factory that Richmond Gear had been using for years.   Shortly after the sale, the factory shut down.  You can imagine the shock on the new Lockright owners face when he heard THAT news.

So began the search for a new factory that could produce lockers in enough quantity with the same (or better) quality.   (Not something that happens overnight) During this time - shelves around the world began to empty of Lockright lockers.   We have been out for a couple of months now.

The good news is - Lockrights are once again flowing.   We have a shipment of fifty LR1510 (Samurai) lockers that should be delivered by the end of the week.  Still waiting for LR1520 (SJ410) lockers.    But these should not be too far behind.

So if you have a Samurai and are waiting for a Lockright - cheer up.  We should be getting these to you next week.  If you are a Sidekick/Tracker owner you really should be using the Samurai locker anyway.   Same exact part - but less money.   SJ410 guys & gals....sorry....little longer wait for you.  No excact date yet but we will announce it as soon as we know.

And Mrs. Bowman....if you are out there reading this...."SEE!!   I DIDN'T SLEEP THROUGH ALL OF YOUR CLASSES!!" 


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