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Weld On Bead Lock Kits

Wheel Diameter

These weld-in bead lock kit allows you to create bead lock wheels from any standard steel wheel by simply welding a ring to the outer lip of your wheel and then bolting on the clamping outer ring.

Our 15" & 16" beadlock kits have 32 .375" (3/8") mounting holes for each wheel while the 17" kit has 36 .375 (3/8") mounting holes.   All kits are designed for Nylock nuts and 2" long high-grade bolts (optional). All of our beadlock kits are of the "within the lip" design for easy fitment and solid welding, and must be welded by a competent certified welder.

The Steel rings are CNC cut and machined from .25" (1/4") thick material. This kit contains rings for four (4) complete wheels--four weld-in inner rings(smaller OD diameter) and four bolt-on outer rings(larger OD). When lowing your air pressure to gain better performance off road, often the result is a tire coming off of the rim when it's least expected or needed. These Bead lock kits are designed to allow you to weld the rings to your steel wheel of choice and clamping the bead of the tire to the rim so that it will not come off. Only the outside bead of the tire is clamped and the inner lip will still be held by the inner bead. These rings will arrive boxed and ready to weld in to your rims by any competent welder. You will also gain approximately 3/4" width to each wheel for better stability.

Consult your state laws for DOT regulations.

15" Wheel (ATZ-BD-X1-15) 16" Wheel (ATZ-BD-X1-16) 17" Wheel (ATZ-BD-X1-17) Include Hardware for four Wheels (ATZ-BD-X1-4HW) 15" Wheel (ATZ-BD-X1-15) 16" Wheel (ATZ-BD-X1-16) 17" Wheel (ATZ-BD-X1-17) Include Hardware for four Wheels (ATZ-BD-X1-4HW)