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Warrior Shackle Reversal System

Manufacturer: Warrior Products

Designed to eliminate the poor driving characteristics that are prevalent in all Suzuki Samurai vehicles. No longer will you have that jarring, wandering, unsafe feeling. Simply by moving the front leaf spring shackle to the rear of the same spring creates amazing results in the drivability which is directly transferred to the driver and felt by all. The SR-180 System is designed to create a safer driving vehicle under all conditions but especially during extreme driving conditions. The SR-180 Systems sport high quality urethane bushings for your existing front leaf springs and frame bracket, to further enhance the performance handling and ride quality of your Suzuki Samurai. All brackets are manufactures from high quality steel, heat treated for increased strength, and jig welded for ease of installation. This kit produces a customized system that will enhance the vehicle's ride characteristics both on and off-road.

Note: this kit requires some welding - notice there are no "fangs" hanging down up front like with other "bolt-on" kits out there. This really improves approach angles. Also - since it is a weld on kit - you can run any length springs you wish up front. A good mod is to combine this kit with a set of rear Samurai springs for improved ride quality, more front end flex and close to 2" of lift for clearing tires..

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