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Upper Hood Bump Stop for Samurai


Openning the hood half way and using the prop rod is OK for some.   But I'm more of a "open it all the way" kind of guy.  Lets more light in and heat out when working in your engine compartment.  Suzuki knows there are guys like me out there - that's why they put that rubber cushion on the top of the windshield frame. 

What?  You don't have one?   Your Suzuki Samurai did when it was new.   Add one of these to your cart and you'll be good as new.  

Self adhesive backed bump stop and installs easily with no tools required. Fits all years Suzuki Samurai.   Available for hard or soft top vehicles (specify when ordering)

All Years Soft Top Samurai (72412-83000) All Years Hard Top Samurai (78142-80101)
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