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Trail Safe Samurai Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals

SKU: TG300749-3-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 300749-3-KIT
<h2>Trail Safe™ Samurai Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals</h2><p>Tired of wiping big clumps of dirty sandy grease off of your knuckle balls after every trip? So are we. We asked our engineering department to look at the problems with the OEM design along with what was currently offered on the market and they came up with a one-piece, high grade polyurethane seal that is durable and will give you a lifetime of dependability.</p><p>Trail-Safe™ Samurai Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals are without a doubt the best in the industry. No other design is comparable in performance and quality.</p><p>The Trail Safe™ Samurai Knuckle Ball Wiper Seal is a double sided seal that keeps grease in and dirt out, all while eliminating the use of the OEM felt and rubber. Since it is made from seal-grade polyurethane, not UHMW, the seal is pliable enough to stretch over the knuckle ball during installation. This eliminates the need to cut the seal for installation which allows water to enter the knuckle ball and for grease to escape.</p><p>Trail Safe™ Samurai Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals are sold in pairs with Rock Rings, backing plates, and new mounting hardware. One kit will complete one axle.</p><p><strong>Kit Includes:</strong></p><ul> <li> (2) Trail Safe™ Samurai Knuckle Ball Seal Wipers</li> <li> (2) Backing Plates</li> <li> (4) Rock Ring Sections</li> <li> (16) Rock Ring Bolts</li> <li> (16) M6 Lock Washers</li> <li> (16) M6 Flat Washers</li></ul> <h2>Specifications:</h2><ul><li>Double sided seal</li><li>Eliminates the use of the OEM felt and rubber</li><li>Made from seal-grade polyurethane, not UHMW</li></ul> <h2>Application Data</h2><ul> <li>1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai</li> <li>1990-1995 Suzuki Jimny JA11</li> <li>1993-1995 Suzuki Jimny JB31</li></ul> <a href="http://www.trail-gear.com/PDF/300747-3-INS.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.trail-gear.com/UltimateEditorInclude/ImageViewer.aspx?id=29"></a>
TG300749-3-KIT 300749-3-KIT
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