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Trail Gear LED Quad Light


TG LED Quad Light

Need an alternative LED light that has the power to light up the trail without breaking the bank? Our new TG LED Quad Light is your answer. The TG LED Quad Light is constructed using an Acrylic (PMMA) shatter-resistant lens to prevent any damage from small debris on the road or trail. The TG LED Quad Light has been tested under 7” of water for a week and given an IP67 Rating, meaning that our new LED lights are both sand and waterproof!

Our TG LED Quad Light has a 10-30VDC power Input, 12W and 1 amp power draw. Our TG LED Quad Light has an output of 1080 lumens! Strong enough to light up any trail. The LED Quad Light will include a 15” wiring pigtail (2x 18-gage wire with outer jacket) and powder-coated steel mounting/aiming bracket giving you the ability to mount the TG LED Quad Light wherever you need it to be.

90 Degree Flood Lens (TG302461) 8 Degree Spot Lens (TG302453)