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T-Case Shifter Rebuild Kit


We've packaged everything you need to rebuild the shifter assembly on your Suzuki Samurai transfer case into one easy to order, low cost package.   We challenge you to find a more complete gear shift seat rebuild kit at a better price.

  • 29345-80052 Shifter boot.  (this is the small rubber boot on top of the TCase that keeps water out of your case - not the interior boot that seals the shifter lever from the floor pan)
  • 09401-50402 Shifter boot clamp
  • 08332-11106 E-Ring
  • 06111-10003 Detent Ball
  • 06111-12004 Detent Ball
  • 29995-80050 Detent Ball Spring
  • 29941-80050 Detent Ball Retainer Screw
  • 09205-04003 Front Drive Fork Spring Pin
  • 09205-04001 Reduction Fork Spring Pin
  • 29996-80050 Shifter Retainer Spring
  • 29348-80050 Shifter Retainer
  • 29541-80051 Shifter Sheet (PolyUrethane)



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