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Suzuki to Toyota 5 Pattern Driveshaft Adapter

SKU: RG226

Suzuki to Toyota 5 Pattern Driveshaft Adapter.  Also known as a PentAdapter this drive shaft adapter allows you to take advantage of the fact that nearly every 84" Toyota truck uses one of only five common bolt patterns. (2007+ Tundra is the exception)

Has bolt pattern for both early and late model Suzuki Samurai Suzuki Sidekick drivelines as well as Toyota driveshafts.   Allows you to connect Toyota drivelines to your Suzuki differential or transfer case.    Also acts as a 1/2" drive shaft spacer.

But wait, there's more!  Can also be used to interchange Toyota drivelines between Toyota trucks.  Or to interchange between early and late model Suzuki patterns.

So much versatility in such a small package.

Bolt Patterns (all measurements are in mm):

  • 56.1 x 56.1
  • 70 x 61.5
  • 68.3 x 60.1
  • 56.1 x 52.5
  • 60.1 x 60.1
  • 66 x 66

Sold individually.  Includes mounting hardware.  Note: the smaller early model Samurai flanges have 8mm holes that will need to be drilled larger to accept the heavy duty mounting hardware included with this kit.