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Suzuki Samurai Rear Wrangler Swap Kit

Manufacturer: Sky Manufacturing

Sky's new Suzuki Samurai Rear Wrangler Swap kit allows the use of Wrangler springs under the rear of your Samurai in SPOA configuration. Kit can move the rear axle back 1 inch if customer wants to stretch the wheelbase.

Parts and Instructions:

Parts included in this kit:
2 hangers (1 left, 1 right)
2 bent shackles
2 U-bolt plates (both sides the same)
4 1/2" x 13 x 1" bolts, nylocks (for frame mount)
2 1/2" x 4" bolts, nylocks (for small shackle end)
2 1/2" x 4 1/2" bolts, nylocks (for frame mount)
12 1/2" flat washers (for frame mount and shackle bolts)
2 9/16" x 5" bolts, nylocks (for shackles)
4 9/16" flat washers (for shackles)
4 3/8" x 1" bolts, flat washers, nylocks (for frame mounts)
8 1/4" x 1" self tapping screws (for mounting frame mount)

Parts not included:
Jeep Wrangler Springs.

You may use this kit to install Wrangler springs in either a spring over or under application. Various other suspension modifications will affect installation of the Wrangler conversion, and the installer should double check to make sure the Wrangler kit will fit his or her application. Modification of the kit will void returns. This kit is a rear only application.
First you must support you vehicle in the proper manner, we leave this up to the installer. Next, you will remove your rear springs and rear shackles, inspect your frame bushing and Wrangler spring bushing for wear, replace if needed. Install front solid spring hanger on your frame, test fitting to be sure spring hanger on your frame is straight and if needed, straighten them. You will need to drill the stock spring hole to ½ inch. If needed we supply self tapping screws to help secure the hanger to the frame. You may choose to omit these in the installation. The front of the hanger use’s 3/8ths bolts to secure it to the Samurai frame, you will need to clamp the mount in position and drill these holes after installing the short ½ inch bolts in the stock spring location. Once 3/8ths bolt are installed you may tighten the short ½ inch bolts. Your front hanger is now installed.
Next you will install the rear shackles, small end on the frame, larger end on the spring. You may now install the Wrangler spring with the 9/16ths bushing sleeve in the rear, ½ inch in the front. You will next install the rear axle, using new wider spring plates to install with your factory u-bolts. If u-bolts show signs of wear, replace with quality aftermarket units. Tighten all hardware, install longer shocks and brake lines if needed, check driveline for enough spline engagement.

Go wheeling!