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Suzuki Samurai Lock Sets

Manufacturer: Suzuki
SKU: 77402-80810
Old price: $79.95

OK so you need to replace the glove box door.  Or your ignition switch is cutting out and you need a new one.   Don't lose that "one key fits all" feature by just replacing a single lock.  Trust us - nothing is more annoying than having an extra key floating around for "just that one lock".

And don't spend wads of cash with a locksmith having him re-key your lock to fit your old key.

These complete lock sets for your Suzuki Samurai include ALL the locks - already keyed to the included keys.   Includes ignition, left door, right door, rear gate, glove box door and mounting hardware.   Two keys are included.

Fits all model years Suzuki Samurai.

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