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"Super Snatch" Ultimate T-Case Mount for Samurai

Manufacturer: Zuks Off Road
Old price: $309.95

The SUPER SNATCH 3rd generation t-case cradle is a combination of all previous versions with all the benefits. By far the world's most protective design. One model can NOW be used in all applications. 17 bolt to t-case design exclusive to ZOR can quickly be converted to a 14 bolt while in the Samurai. Get on the next batch list as we are doubling our production to try and keep up with demand. This unit is shipped bare naked metal! Use Rustoleum "Hammered" paint for the best finish.


This cradle is the "SUPER VERSION"!

Gives your t-case a warm, fuzzy and secure feeling by grabbing the t-case in 17 OR 14 bolt locations. Eliminates old school t-case mounts that can break or pull through the frame. The main cradle has 4 poly horizontal mounts. This is the cradle you want if you have or plan on installing lower gears or any bolt on accessories to the rear output shaft. Allows the room to fit the SJ-410 drum emergency brake, the after-market disc emergency brake or the after-market rear drive shaft disconnect.

Price includes the "RIB" and the "HIP" brackets that mount directly to the OEM mounting locations. A complete kit including the best company standing behind it. This is a "bolt in" answer to all your t-case issues. Super easy to install and remove once the t-case is secured in the cradle. Places the t-case in the correct position.Can easily be adapted to tube chassis and most importantly, has eliminated cases breaking!

Full installation instructions and all mounting hardware is included.

For an additional charge of $30 we can have powder coated nearly any color.