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Super Bright Guage Overlay Set for Suzuki Samurai

<p>Every now and then you come across something that is inexpensive &ndash; but adds a disproportionate amount of value to your vehicle for the money.&nbsp;&nbsp; This product definitely falls under that category.&nbsp;&nbsp; For the cost of a dinner out - you can really spruce up the interiror of your Suzuki Samurai and make your dashboard instruments easier to read.&nbsp;</p> <p>Restore the look of your dash with these vibrant and bright gauge overlays for all model years Suzuki Samurai.&nbsp;&nbsp; Computer cut for a perfect fit, every set is manufactured out of high quality vinyl plastic.&nbsp; Uses a special process to ensure lighting can shine through them allowing the stock illumination to light them up. These overlays require no rewiring and match your existing illumination lighting in your vehicle.</p> <p>Note - these are overlays only, we are not selling the gauge cluster assemblies here.</p> <p>&bull; Computer printed and cut on vinyl plastic for an easy to install process with perfect fit.<br /> &bull; Needle removal is not required.&nbsp; The white overlays easily slip over the needles.<br /> &bull; Stock faces are not removed, these gauges overlay on top of them and use the stock lighting<br /> &bull; Overlays do not wrinkle or bubble in the heat or cold and can be removed if needed.<br /> &bull; Makes your cluster up to 50% brighter at night with stock bulbs.<br /> &bull; Install our high-intensity colored LED replacement bulbs for a super bright glow effect.</p> <p>Available for all model years Suzuki Samurai.&nbsp;&nbsp;<em><strong>&nbsp;The instrument cluster and heater control overlays are sold seperately</strong></em>.&nbsp;&nbsp; So be sure to add one of <em><u><strong>EACH</strong></u></em> to your cart if you want both.&nbsp;&nbsp;Also, be sure to select the correct style for your dashboard.&nbsp; Refer to the pictures above and compare to your dashboard.&nbsp; For the instrument cluster, you basically you will need to know two things:</p> <p style="margin-left: 40px;">1.&nbsp;Does your instrument cluster have a Tach?<br /> 2.&nbsp;Is the shape of your Fuel/Temp gauges round?&nbsp; Or Rectangular?</p> <p>Also available are overlays for the heater controls.&nbsp;&nbsp; Either round air vent (early model) or square air vent (late model) style dashboards &ndash; specify when ordering.</p> <p>If you want a really cool look - upgrade your dashboard bulbs to our high-intensity LED bulb kit.&nbsp;&nbsp; This kit includes three LED replacement bulbs (2 LED 194 style bulbs and 1 LED 74 style bulb).&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><em><strong>NOTE: the high-intensity&nbsp;bulb kit includes enough bulbs for BOTH instrument cluster AND heater controls.&nbsp;&nbsp; So if you are purchasing overlays for both, you only need to add this option once.</strong></em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div id="HIDDENTEXT" style="RIGHT: 6000px; POSITION: absolute">Instrument Overlay - W/O TACH (86SS-1017) Instrument Overlay - W/TACH - ROUND FUEL/TEMP GAUGES (8895SS-2125) Instrument Overlay - W/TACH - SQUARE FUEL/TEMP GAUGES (8895SS-395) Heater Controls Overlay - ROUND AIR VENTS (HV8688SS-1982) Heater Controls Overlay - SQUARE AIR VENTS (HV8688SS-2304) Add High-Intensity LED Bulbs </div>
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