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Sun Visor Organizer


Here is a gadget to help you keep those important little "do-dads" close at hand.

  • Holds 12 of your favorite CDs in easy access, soft, protective slots.
  • Elastic pen holder keeps your pen at arms reach anytime you need it, and not constantly falling into your lap when you don't!
  • Mesh pouch with elastic top holds your cell phone, GPS, lighter, spare cash, whatever.
  • Worried about covering the mirror you may have installed on your sun visor? Worry no more. Unique Velcro quick-release mounting system allows you to flip the entire organizer up and out of the way. WITHOUT detaching it!
  • Figmo says "I don't even use CD's (prefer MP3 player) and I have one of these in every rig!  Great place to tuck registration, receipts, proof of insurance, bank deposit slips, etc.  For a guy with no CD's in his rig - I have just about every one of these 12 slots filled with something"


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