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Stainless Steel Header for 1.6 16 Valve


Complete kit includes header, upper flange gasket, spacers, lower flange gasket and all hardware.

The absolute best quality header made for the 16v Sidekick, Tracker and X90. Made with thick 3/8" head flange that eliminates warping and leaks. It's also port matched to work on the Suzuki's circular exhaust port. Adds horsepower and increases fuel economy. Installation of this kit is fast and easy with complete hardware and detailed instructions included. A great performance value for your dollar.

A note about header length: basic header theory says that the shorter the header tubes, the more power the header produces at higher RPMs. The longer the header tubes, the more power at lower RPMs. We designed this header with longer tubes for this reason. Because most of our customers need that boost while crawling slow at lower RPMs - not drag racing at close to redline.

But we also realize that many people want to install the Sidekick 1.6L 16 valve motor in their Suzuki Samurais. So don't worry. Even though the tubes are longer we have designed this header to be able to be installed in a Samurai as well as the Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker vehicles.



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