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Stainless Steel Collapsible Bow

SKU: RG160
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NEW IMPROVED STORAGE BAG: Double thickness material at top and bottom to prevent the sharp edges of the tubes ripping the bags.

Another Roadless Gear first. Brand new soft top rear support bow for all years Suzuki Samurai. If you've lost or damaged your original factory soft top rear support bow for your Samurai - this is what you need! Like the original, only better. Why? Read on...

Sure, Suzuki still sells the factory original replacement. And they are not really that expensive. Around $130. We can special order one for you if you'd like. But here is the problem: due to the size there is no way to ship these original bows cheap! Because the box is so large, you are charged by "dimensional weight". Meaning, that even though the product only weights like 3lbs - you are charged shipping as if it weighs 80lbs. So to ship an original factory bow to you costs another $75 or $80 (OUCH!!)

What makes this original so much better than the Roadless Gear "wannabes" out there? Compare:

  • Disassembles into 3 sections. So the box is smaller and you pay only for the actual weight of the product to have it delivered. Plus, you can store it under the seat in the summertime when you have the top off. No chance of losing it or having it damaged being stored in your garage somewhere.
  • Full 201 stainless steel construction. Much tougher than the original thin-walled tubing of the factory Samurai support bow. Less likely you might damage it.
  • Includes snap studs along the top, just like your factory bow.
  • Includes custom storage bag so you can keep it all together when not in use.

Note - this product only replaces the original factory bow - it does not include the hinge mounting hardware. If you are also missing this - see below to order separate.



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