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Stainless Steel 2" Exhaust Kit for Samurai

SKU: RG770

Stainless Steel exhaust kit for Suzuki Samurai (not same as Sidekick/Tracker)

Gives your engine that "deep throaty" sound and improve performance. Complete stainless steel 2" exhaust system for Suzuki Samurai (all model years). Fits both the factory exhaust manifold, or our stainless steel header.

Includes hi-flow muffler and cat. Now there is no need to cut off your catalytic converter - this high performance free flow cat will not sacrifice performance to be environmentally friendly. This exhaust kit is only 49 state legal due to the hi performance catalytic converter and muffler (sorry Californians).

202 Stainless steel construction means EXTREME corrosion resistance and high heat tolerance. Plus it just looks pretty any time you lay your vehicle in its side.

Completely bolt on. No welding required. Includes all hardware and new hangers.

Please note that this kit is designed to bolt up to the 1.3L or 1.6L 8 valve motors only.  It includes components to allow it to bolt up to stock exhaust manifolds or exhaust header installed.   Be aware that because of this, there will always be one pipe that you will not use when installing this vehicle (e.g. if you have a header, you will not use the pipe that connects to the stock manifold.  and vice versa)

It fits the Suzuki Samurai and can still work with other motors (such as the 1.6L 16 valve or 2.0L) - but be aware that it will not be fully bolt on with these other motors. You will be responsible for making a connection between this exhaust kit and your particular engine exhaust point.


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