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SideSaddle Storage Box for Suzuki Samurai

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear

Looking for a place to store some extra gear, and parts? The Side Saddle steel storage box is a great way to add a little extra storage space to otherwise wasted space.  Jumper cables.  Oil cans.  You name it!

Fits all model year Suzuki Samurai soft top vehicles.   Available as storage box only (no lid), lid only (no box - for customers who previously purchased a box without lid) or as the complete set of storage box with locking lid together.

Only available for left side (driver's side on USA vehicles) due to the location of the gas tank filler hose on the other side.

Add Locking Lid (RG558-LID)
SideSaddle Locking Lid ONLY (no box)
SideSaddle Storage Box ONLY (no locking lid)
SKU: RG558
SideSaddle Storage Box With Locking Lid
SKU: 558-CMB