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ShrockWorks Front Bumper for Samurai

Manufacturers: ShrockWorks , ShrockWorks

Add a ShrockWorks winch bumper to your Suzuki Samurai for great looks and the ultimate strength.  These bumpers are designed to take maximum abuse in offroad use. They are extremely strong!

The lower portion of the bumper is all 1/4" and 3/16" steel. It is CAD designed and laser cut to ensure a perfect fit on your Sammi and it looks great with or without a winch installed.

Tow points are integrated into the bumper and will accept 3/4" shackles. The ShrockWorks bumper mounts your winch up high and gives you great approach angles.

The receiver hitch option is very useful. It can used with a receiver shackle for an indestructible tow point, a portable winch, or any of the many receiver mounted accessories like cargo baskets.

New integrated turn signals are included. Unlike the Suzuki lenses, these lights are very cheap to replace if you manage to break one and can be found at virtually any auto parts store.

Mounting System: The bumper mounts through the typical four factory frame bolts, then takes a step further with an exclusive frame mounted anti-rotation bracket. This adds serious beef to the mounting of the winch bumper. It prevents the bumper from rotating downward under winch load. It also greatly increase the overall strength of the mount since it adds two additional frame attachment points.

Specifications: - Weight: 67lbs. - 1/4" Steel Plate - 1.5 and 1.75 x .134 Wall round tubing - Lights are included. - Integrated recovery points. - Accepts most Warn winches up to 8000lbs and some 9000lb winches. Compatibility: Works with virtually all aftermarket front suspensions setups except weld on frame extension / shackle reversal systems. Calmini, Trailtough and Rocky Road missing link kits have all been tested and work. Please inquire if you have any questions about a particular setup. Please let us know if you have a body lift.

Accessories: - Aluminum Fairlead for Synthetic Rope - $49.00 - Receiver Shackle Mount and 3/4" Shackle - $32.00  NOTE: These bumpers are hand made to your specifications meaning there could be a 2-3 month delay before shipping depending on shop scheduling.

Center Hoop & Headlight Guards Center Hoop Only No Top Tubing 1" Body Lift 2" Body Lift Add pair 3/4" Shackles - Black Add pair 3/4" Shackles - Stainless Black Powder Coat Finish Receiver Hitch Mount for Generic Adj Towbar