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Seat Heaters

SKU: RG825

Tired of waiting for your vehicle to warm up? Wish you had an integrated heated seat like the luxury vehicles have? Well now you can! These seat heaters are easy to install in ANY vehicle. You can have them installed into the seat foam under your upholstery for a factory look and feel. Or you can simply install them under your aftermarket slip on seat covers. Wire them up to a 12v 10 amp power source and you are done!

Includes 2 pads (seat bottom and seat back), dual temperature control module system, illuminated round rocker switch (high/low settings), quick disconnect wiring harness and 12v relay. Everything you need to install these in your vehicle! UL approved components. Three year/36,000 mile warranty. If this product fails to toast your buns in that time - we'll replace it!!!

Note that each kit is enough to do one seat. Save money when you order 2 kits together!

Single Seat Kit Pair Seats Kit ($60 each)