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Samurai Transfer Case Combo Kit - 4.16 Ratio

SKU: RG123

This combo kit includes everything you need to install lower gears and FULLY rebuild your transfer case.

  • Gears (you specify the ratio)
  • All bearings
  • Gaskets/Seals
  • Shifter tower rebuild kit (new polyurethane shifter sheet, springs, detent balls, dust boot, etc)
  • Lifetime warranty polyurethane mounts.

Low range gears are critical for technical off-road driving. Our Samurai low range gear kit is the highest quality gear set available. Low Range reduction is 4.16 to 1. High Range reduction is 12%. No welded or second rate, gears here. These are are strong, run quiet and take a huge amount of abuse. 

This complete kit includes four new precision cut gears, counter shaft, needle bearings, shims, o-ring, gaskets, and input/output seals. Fits 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai.     Add one of our T-Case Rebuild kits to this product to complete the tcase bearing package.   And with this low of a gear ratio - an HD front output shaft is highly reccomended.    Purchase these items together with this kit and save $$$

NOTE: Transfer case gears are usually referred to by their LOW RANGE ratio (e.g. "4.16 gears" or "6.5 gears"). This is an important number for off road performance - the slower you can crawl the less likely you loose traction. And the less likely you will break something.

However, HIGH RANGE is an equally important number for most of us. We want to know how this ratio will perform on the street as well. For example, a stock Samurai tire height is 26". If you have installed 31" tires than that means your tire height is about 20% larger than a stock sized tire. Looking at the chart below you can see that "6.5 gears" would restore your gear ratio back to the same as stock on the highway.

Use the chart below to help you select the transfer case gears that will work for you. Note that usually on a Samurai it is best to error on the side of being a little lower geared than stock. Our little 1.3L motors are not exactly powerhouses.

Transfer Case Gear Ratio Comparison
2.268 : 1 (stock)0% 1.409 : 1 (stock)0%
4.16 : 184% Lower 1.58 : 112% Lower
4.9 : 1115% Lower 1.63 : 116% Lower
6.5 : 1 187% Lower 1.69 : 120% Lower
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