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Replacement lens covers for your Suzuki Samurai tail/marker lights. Including rear tail lights, front turn signals and side marker lights. Sold individually

NOTE: The front turn signal lenses we sell are the newer style. This means that they are two color - amber and clear (as shown at top of the picture).   They will fit all years Suzuki Samurai but will not look the same as the solid amber color lens that was installed on the factory early models.   If your vehicle is an early model with solid amber front turn signal lenses - then please order left AND right so they will match.

Front Turn Signal LH (35632-78000) Front Turn Signal RH (35612-78000) Front Side Marker Yellow (36513-80000) Rear Side Marker Red (36533-80000) Tail Light Red (35712-80000) Tail Light Yellow (35662-80000) Tail Light Clear RH (36252-80000) Tail Light Clear LH (36272-80000)
Lens - Front Turn RH
SKU: 35612-78000
Lens - Tail Clear LH
SKU: 36272-80000
Lens - Rear Side Marker (Red)
SKU: 36533-80000
Lens - Tail Clear RH
SKU: 36252-80000
Lens - Rear Red (Stop)
SKU: 35712-80000
Lens - Front Turn LH
SKU: 35632-78000
Lens - Front Side Marker (Yellow)
SKU: 36513-80000