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Samurai Forever Transmission Shifter Bushing

SKU: RG910

Brasstransmissionshifter sheet for Suzuki Samurai.Original plastic sheets lasted a while. PolyUrethane lasts a little longer.But we guaranteethis brass will last forever!

Made from solid brass rod. Durable and long lasting. Fits all years Suzuki Samurai. Includes new specially designed 3 point, 15lb "wavy washer" Lifetime warranty!

Note: we have heard some people say this product causes increased vibration. Don't worry - that's just sour grapes from somebody who spent money on a plastic version of this part. First, the Suzuki Samurai is not exactly known to drive smooth as a baby's bottom. We doubt seriously that anybody would be able differentiate any vibration from this prduct from the 100 other vibrations this vehicle naturally produces. But...if you think this thing causes too much vibration, then go ahead send it back for a full refund. Nobody has yet.

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