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Samurai Forever Motor Mounts

SKU: RG241


We've pulled quite a few 1.3L engines out of Samurai's here at Roadless Gear. And 80% of them have at least one broken motor mount (typically the drivers side). The stock motor mounts are very small and even replacing them with another stock mount typically only buys you a few months of driving before it tears and breaks again.

These mounts will be the last mounts you buy for your Samurai engine. You have our word on it. We are so confident that, if you ever do break one of these, we will replace it - no charge! Just send us your broken one back and a copy of your original invoice and we'll send you out another (note: customer is responsible for shipping charges on replacements)

These extra heavy duty mounts are made of rubber but are big and tough as nails. Other mounts on the market are made of poly and not only cost over twice as much - they are not as soft and can cause engine vibrations. Our mounts run as smooth and quite as stock mounts - without the weakness.

And oh yeah - that super low price you see...that's for a PAIR of mounts, not just one.

Note: requires drilling of the stock mount brackets to accept the larger bolt diameter. You do not need to pull your engine to swap the motor mounts out. You can simply lift it enough to remove the stock mounts - convert over to our forever mounts and reinstall.



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