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"Rain Drain" for Suzuki Samurai

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Here's one of those "real solutions" to a "real problem" that Roadless Gear is known the world over for.


I know this has happened to you – it happens to every Samurai owner.   You are late for work.  You put on your good clothes and rush out the door to your Samurai in the driveway.  Unbeknownst to you – a silent stalker is hiding on top of your Samurai’s convertible top.   You forget that it rained last night.  And that there is now a small swimming pool of water that formed up there.  You back out of the driveway – make a turn and…..SPLASH…..5 gallons of water drench the entire left side of your body.    Or worse during the winter - those puddles turn to solid chunks of ice.   Or heavy snow load buildups can cause your fabric to stretch and deform.    Basically - that big empty space above your head is just a big ol' problem waiting to be solved...


Introducing the “Rain Drain” from Roadless Gear.   A stainless steel additional support bow that fits between the connector bars of your convertible Suzuki Samurai and ensures that your top stays snug.   Not only will water no longer pool up on you – it eliminates flapping of loose tops at highway speeds.   The bar installs in seconds with no tools required.   It simply rests on the factory connector bars that connect the windshield frame to the roll bar and the soft top holds it in place.


Check out these features....

  • Installs and uninstalls in seconds with no tools required.
  • Fits all model years convertible Suzuki Samurai.
  • Works with all models of soft top.  Even Bikini or FastBack style tops.
  • Prevents puddles from forming over the seats
  • Prevents loose tops from flapping at highway speeds
  • Stainless steel construction
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