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2" Stainless Exhaust
Out of this world. All flanges are super heavy, welds are a piece of art. I can't believe the material. Absolute top grade stainless. The installation fit is perfect. It was a breeze to install.
     Roadless Gear is top notch     Bill
suzi88 | 2/24/2015 6:53 PM
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Blown away!
Holy crap, this and the stainless tri-y system are amazingly well built. Almost want to mount them on my wall and stare at them all day.
Mayonnaise | 11/23/2016 3:36 PM
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Great.... but...
So this exhaust is awesome. Sounds great. It's the only shiny thing on my samurai.
Only thing I would do to make it easier to install. Get the header. Getting on to the stock manifold was a pain. The flange on this is so much thicker than the stock one. Getting the bolts started took some tinkering. It took longer to do this than removing to old exhaust and hanging the rest of this one.
But all in all... happy with it
Rainwater | 1/17/2019 8:12 AM
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I got this with the tri-y header. The install was a breeze, even for some one who is not the most skilled person like myself. The piece itself is so well made. The welds are pure art, my god.
Perroman | 5/31/2023 10:36 PM
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Great solution
Installed with the Tri-Y header, sounds great compared to the rotten 30+ year old factory exhaust. Installation was smooth, 2 minor hiccups, 1 no instructions, 2 the flange that connects the catalytic converter to the muffler needs shorter bolts. The first issue is pretty minor as it wasn't to hard to figure out once I was installing, though I did initially use the wrong gasket at the input of the catalytic converter, easy fix. The second issue I was unable to tighten the bolts all the wat at the output of the cat because the heat shield was in the way, also couldn't reverse the bolts for the same reason. Solution was to use 2 nuts from the "extras" on the bolts then slide them in and I was able to get it tightened without the heatshield blocking the threads.  The only other issue I had was the hanger for the cat didn't line up on my 92 Samurai. This is by far the best kit I've found for a full replacement, the price and quality are fantastic. Would recommend to anyone looking for the best DIY solution.
Cutzman354 | 3/12/2024 9:46 AM
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