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Premier Racing Products Seats

Old price: $220.00

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"Figmo, we both LOVE these seats. I was amazed that my back didn't hurt after four days on the trail. EVERY car seat I've owned has hurt my back if I sit in it long enough. For the price, they are an excellent investment."
-WB & Bridget Towery

Chances are, your stock seats are feeling their age. And let's admit it - they weren't that comfortable even back when they were new. Especially on the bone jarring trails we enjoy so much.

These comfy suspension seats are just the ticket for the ultimate in comfort and style. Designed by PRP by the Wedeking family - who have been racing off road vehicles for years and were a lot like you and I. They knew there just had to be a way to enjoy their vehicles without sacrificing comfort. Whether you are racing or just getting groceries, you don't need to put up with those tired old seats any longer.

Seats are 19" wide with low sides to make it easy to get in and out of for lifted vehicles. 34" tall, slotted to accept 5 point harness .Available in a huge selection of colors and materials.

NOTE: price listed is per seat. Price does not include mounting brackets. These can be made easily using your exisiting stock seat mounts and a couple of pieces of angle iron.