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Powertrax Lockright Locker

Sure, you want an ARB Air Locker. But we understand that you don't always have the cash for what you want. These inexpensive Lock Right lockers from Powertrax (Richmond Gear) can give you the traction you need, for a price that fits your wallet. Affordable and easy to install.

LockRite lockers are available for Suzuki Samurai (1510LR and 1530LR), Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker vehicles (1512LR and 1532LR). Also available for the Suzuki SJ410 (1520LR). Please specify when ordering.

LockRight Locker for Suzuki Samurai
SKU: 1510LR
Lockright Locker for Samurai With Couplers
SKU: LR1530
LockRight Locker for Suzuki SJ410
SKU: 1520LR
LockRight Locker for Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker WITH COUPLERS
SKU: LR1532