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Power Steering Gear Box Bracket

SKU: suz-psfb-00

Allows mounting the Suzuki Sidekick / Geo Tracker power steering gear box to a Suzuki Samurai frame.  Fully bolt on.   No drilling/welding required.  This is included in the Sky Manufacturing Power Steering kit. 

"So why sell it separate?" you ask?

Two reasons come to mind:

  1. You are installing a 1.6L motor from a Sidekick/Tracker in your Samurai.   You want to use the power steering but you don't need the full power steering conversion kit we sell.  Your new motor is already setup for power steering and already has a pump bracket and pulley and belt.   So all you really need is a way to mount the gearbox to the frame.
  2. You like the Trail Tough power steering kit but do not like the way you have to drill/weld the frame to attach the gearbox bracket.   So you can purchase the Trail Tough power steering kit AND this product.  Then just don't use the adaptor that is included with the Trail Tough kit.

Maybe you can think of a 3rd? 

NOTE: A rag joint eliminator is suggested when mounting the Sidekick/Tracker power steering gear box in a Samruai.