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Lower Shock Mount Set

These Samurai lower shock mounts are perfect for the consumer looking to maximize shock length on their Suzuki Samurai.  These "built-to-last" mounts have threaded posts for easy replacement if damaged (without needing to cut off the mount). Mounts DO NOT hang below axle.

None of that folded stuff or small arch to weld on here, this is boxed and chamber welded for the utmost in rigidity and strength. This closed design eliminates gunk collecting in a hole and features a close to axle fit for the biggest body shocks.  Each mount is identified as either R (rear mounts are same left and right) or FL/FR (front left side and front right side) for fool proof installation.

Sold in pairs only.  Specify Front or Rear when ordering.  Combine these lower mounts with new upper mounts for maximum suspension travel!

Lower Shock Mount Set - Front
Lower Shock Mount Set - Rear