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LED Lights and Resistors

We offer several LED Light Kits for whatever you might need. Whether it be the back of your buggy, truck, samurai, or whatever else. Light kits feature a grommet style mount and include short wiring pigtails. LED Lights are sold in pairs and carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Load Resistor kits are also available in pairs to cure any issues with fast blinking turn signals after installing LED Lights.
LED Light Resistor Kit (WAR2905)Universal LED 2" Reverse Light Kit (WAR2910)Universal 4" Tail Light Kit (WAR2915)2″ Reverse & 4″ Tail Light Combo Kit (WAR2917)1" Red Sidemarker Kit (WAR2920)1" Amber Sidemarker Kit (WAR2925)2" Amber Sidemarker Kit (WAR2731)