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IPF H4 7" Headlamp Replacement Shells


Upgrading your Samurai's headlights to IPF H-4 conversion lenses is one of the cheapest and easiest mods you can do for your Suzuki Samurai. Installed in just a matter of minutes, this upgrade will deliver significant results over stock.

Unlike the anemic, yellowish and narrowly focused beams of light that the factory Suzuki bulbs put out, the IPF H4 headlight lenses  produce a very white, wide and bright beam of light that is more than twice the power over stock. In fact, to help other drivers from being blinded by the intense glare of these lights, the IPF H4 lenses have been intentionally designed with a flat beam cut-off. Another great featuer of the IPF H4 lenses I love is its innovative 15° rise on the passenger side which provides much greater visibility of the roadside, sidewalk and signs.

Sold Individually. Bulbs sold seperately

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