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Heavy Duty U-Bolt Kit

These heavy duty u-bolt kits are great for upgrading or replacing your OEM Suzuki Samurai u-bolts. These u-bolts are designed specifically for Samurai front or rear axles. Each kit comes with four ubolts and all hardware. Enough to install one axle (front or rear)

Available in stock length or 2" extended length.   Specify axle and length when ordering.

Front Axle - Stock Length (RG635) Rear Axle - Stock Length (RG636) Front Axle - 2" Extended (RG637) Rear Axle - 2" Extended (RG638)
Heavy Duty U-Bolt Kit - Rear, Stock Length
SKU: RG636
Heavy Duty U-Bolt Kit - Front, 2" Extended
SKU: RG637
Heavy Duty U-Bolt Kit - Front, Stock Length
SKU: RG635
Heavy Duty U-Bolt Kit - Rear, 2" Extended
SKU: RG638