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Folddown Windshield Kit

Manufacturer: Suzuki

Suzuki made the windshield of the Samurai able to fold down and rest on the hood.  Sort of like the old military Jeeps.   But the USA government would not allow them to be imported into the country with this feature.   So Suzuki modified the USA version of the Samurai to have fixed windshields.   But they left all the mounting holes.   Those plates you see at the bottom of your windshield?    That's where the hinges should be.   Those screws along the top of your windshield frame that appear to go to nothing?  That is where the rubber feet attach to keep the frame from scratching your hood.   Screws along the sides of your dashboard are where the latching mechanism attaches.

Roadless Gear has assembled all the missing pieces and hardware for you to convert your Samurai to the international version that has a fold down windshield frame.

Note that our kit includes our billet aluminum hinges instead of the factory plastic hinges.  Don't waste your time or money buying any kit that includes the factory plastic hinges.  They are just too fragile and will break on you after just a few uses.   Also - our aluminum hinges include our original "quick release" design.   If you know the trail you are taking today is rough - why not just remove the windshield frame and leave it back at camp or in the garage?   Protect your frame and glass.

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