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Differential Ring & Pinion Gears

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Once you leave the land of stock tire sizes and begin to install larger tires - you begin to notice your vehicle no longer has the power it used to. On the road you rarely see 5th gear anymore, unless it's downhill with a tail wind. Off the road - you become accustomed to the smell of burning clutch. Face it my friend. If you've got bigger tires you need a gearing solution. And lower Ring & Pinion gears are the answer to your problem. These are low cost yet reliable, and are designed to RUN QUIET and LAST LONGER than other aftermarket gear sets. They are easy to set-up and manufactured to meet our highest standards.

  • Fits Suzuki Samurai frontĀ or rear
  • 6.875" ring gear diameter
  • 26 spline pinion
  • 10 ring gear bolts
  • 4.57:1 (23% overall reduction) or 5.38:1 (44% overall reduction) gear ratios.
4.57:1 5.38:1
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