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CellMate Lighter Holster


Here is a classic example of how we find unique and useful products to offer on our web site....

We were at an event in northern Montana last summer when we just happened to cross paths with a guy who was interested in talking to us.

"My name's Mike and I'm the inventor of a new product you have to check out," he says to us (in typical "pitchman" style) His product was called "The CellMate". And he envisioned it as a way to always have your lighter handy by attaching it to your cell phone.

Instantly, we realized that this product had far more useful purposes for us beyond attaching it to our cell phone. What a great way to keep your lighter handy in your trail vehicle. Or RV. Or to keep it up and out of reach of small children around your home. Or several other uses that we were sure existed but just haven't thought of yet.

We bought 20 units of these on the spot and they've been selling like hotcakes ever since.

Don't smoke? Good for you! But remember, fire has been important to mankind for thousands of years before Sir. Walter Raleigh introduced us all to lung cancer. Just because you don't smoke does not mean you don't need a lighter handy. Starting campfires/BBQs. Lighting fireworks. Singeing frayed nylon straps/ropes.

Uses standard BIC mini lighters - and even includes a free lighter when you purchase the holster. Attaches securely to just about any surface. Access to the lighter is just a click away. Unique adhesive removes cleanly should you ever want to relocate the mount.

Check this video to see just how easy this thing is to use...

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