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Calmini Front Plate Winch Bumper

SKU: LKO1420

The ultimate winch bumper for your Sidekick or Tracker. A serious piece of off-road equipment built and design for hardcore trail riding. This design gives maximum approach angle. Fits most Warn winches up to 9000lbs. 3/16" & 1/4" plate throughout construction, not wimpy 10ga. sheet metal used in others. Bumper is fully bolt on. Uses every available point on frame for maximum strength. Outer bumper end beams are fully reinforced and tapered for max clearance in the rocks or trees. Bumper comes ready to install on non body lifted rigs or you can purchase 3" body lift brackets separately. We have been told it is easily modified to run on other body lifts as well.

89-95 2 Door Sidekick/Tracker Front Winch Bumper Winch Bumper 3" Body Lift Brackets