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Bubba Rope


Bubba Rope® - The Best Vehicle Recovery Rope Ever!

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Bubba Rope® is a tougher kind of recovery rope, developed from military specs for safely pulling off-road vehicles out of mud, sand or snow. It is the only snatch rope with a polymer coating.

  • 100% double braided nylon rope
  • Urethane Polymer coating
  • Commercially spliced and seized
    at both ends
  • Water, UV and abrasive resistant
  • Highest breaking strengths available
  • Storage and carrying bag included (except "Extreme Bubba")

A kinetic energy recovery rope (KERR), Bubba Rope® provides superior performance, strength and durability that goes way beyond typical recovery ropes, snatch straps and chains. Professional Recovery Rope It stretches and actively uses its own kinetic energy to help get your stuck vehicle moving.

Bubba Rope® is actually three ropes in one: An inner nylon core, braided looser to absorb more of the lower loads, an outer nylon jacket braided tighter for higher loads and then the whole rope is dipped in a polymetric base giving it a protective shell.

If you drive where there is mud, sand or snow then you need a Bubba Rope®.

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