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ADJUSTABLE Brake Proportioning Valve

SKU: EM16-3157-0

Running a rear disc brake conversion requires a proportioning valve setup to ensure the proper amount of pressure is delivered to each axle. Running rear disc brakes without a proportioning valve is dangerous. If you ever have to stop quickly - your back tires will lock up. This will decrease your stopping distance and may cause you to loose control of your vehicle. Do not take chances with your life - or the life of somebody else.
NOTE: Fittings on this unit accept standard 3/16" brake line fittings. If you are installing this on an import vehicle with metric fittings on your brakelines you have two options:
1. Cut your brake line, install a 3/16" fitting and re-flare the brake line.
2. Install a standard to metric adaptor fitting on each side of this product so your can attach your metric brake lines directly to it.