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Body Lift for Samurai, SideKick and Tracker

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear

A body lift is a great way to gain some tire clearance without effecting the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Body lifts do not change steering geometry and will not introduce "bump steer" to your vehicle. Body lifts also do not drastically change the center of gravity of your vehicle so it's more stable and less likely to tip.

These kits consist of spacer blocks that are CNC machined from solid  3" diameter UHMW (for main mounts, 2" diameter for smaller mounts), longer metric bolts, custom-built stud connectors and washers.   Also included is a tube of Permatex to help secure those factory mounts that do not have bolts holding them in (yours may be already missing and you just don't know it yet)

Check out Margi Barnes' installation article on this product and see for yourself how easy it is to install.

Note: This product reuses the stock Samurai body bushings. Often times on older vehicles, these are dry rotted and cracked. You may want to replace these while you are at it. (see below)

Note: Bumper relocation brackets not included.

Note: Although not required - you may want to extend your shifter levers by cutting and welding a piece of steel tubing in the middle.

1" Body Lift - Samurai (SM-BL-SAM-001) 2" Body Lift - Samurai (SM-BL-SAM-002) 1" Body Lift - Sidekick/Tracker (SM-BL-KiCK-001) 2" Body Lift - Sidekick/Tracker (SM-BL-KICK-002)
2" Body Lift for Sidekick/Tracker
2" Body Lift for Samurai
1" Body Lift for Samurai
1" Body Lift for Sidekick/Tracker