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Birfield Ring Set (Pair)

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear
SKU: RG392

 The weak link in your Samurai front end is the Birfield Joint. This is the jointed part of your front axle that allows you to steer. And the part that most often breaks under the stresses of offroad driving.   What happens is that, under load, the bell housing of this steering joint will crack and split.   These press on rings will reinforce your Birfield Joint - making them "virtually" indestructible. Made of heat treated metal and manufactured to super tight tolerances. There is no need to machine or otherwise modify your existing Birfield Joint to install this product.

This product is a great alternative to replacing the front axles on your Samurai for a variety reasons...

  • It's way less than half the cost of replacement front axles
  • No need to tear apart your differential and purchase new side gears or a new locker to accept aftermarket axle shafts.
  • Easy to install by your average "shade tree" mechanic.  Note that the rings must be pressed on the axles using a press - but even if you don't have one you can disassemble your own axles and just bring your axle shafts to any shop in town and they will usually perform the work pretty cheap.
  • Run 33" tires with confidence

Sold in pairs (enough for both left and right front axles)