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Beadlock Wheels

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Modern tubeless tires depend on air pressure inside to keep the bead of the tire firmly seated against the bead area of the wheel. This is the only way they will hold air. When a tire has 32 psi of air in it, that is 32 pounds of force for every square inch of sidewall surface that is levering the tire bead against the wheel bead surface. That is why the beads do not usually fail when you are driving a car, even driving hard.

For any off road activity much more demanding than a forest service trail, it is necessary to lower the air pressure to allow the tire to flatten some and achieve wider tire contact area.

In many cases, the lower the air pressure, the better this works. But if you lower the pressure too far, the pressure that is holding the bead of the tire sealed against the wheel becomes less than the forces trying to push the tire off the bead, and presto: You blow off a bead and have a flat. This can happen at the worst time. Visualize: You are climbing up a rocky ledge and are a bit sideways. The weight of the vehicle pushes the bead off your aired-down left rear tire. Suddenly, the air rushes out, the tire folds under, and loses all its grip. The vehicle goes sideways, and you get a chance to test your roll cage.

Available in bare steel, black powder coat or chrome. Standard backspacing or 2" backspacing (no extra charge for 2" backspacing). Check out just a few of the features that make these wheels stand out above others on the market (that cost more)...

Bare Steel ($175)Black Powder Coated ($175)Chrome ($225)15x715x815x10 (add $10)15x12 (add $25)
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