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ARB Old Man Emu Springs for Samurai


Old Man Emu springs will give your Suzuki Samurai between 2-3 inches of lift, greater flex and improved ride quality. These springs are affordable and easy to install. To achieve better load carrying, increased suspension travel and a more comfortable & controlled ride from a leaf spring suspension is not an easy task. ARB's engineers have been refining leaf spring design for over 20 years, and have the experience to know just what it takes to produce the very best leaf spring suspension for your 4x4. A great leaf spring design is all very well, but the most important function is to be able to reproduce that design first time, every time, in production. This is where Old Man Emu really comes to the fore. All OME springs are designed with production consistency in mind. To have a great spring you must first design it to have minimum stress, this, obviously, significantly increases the spring's life. Secondly, you must manufacture the springs with processes that ensure consistency. From the materials used, to the camber dies that make the spring, to the heat treatment that sets the spring, Old Man Emu's manufacturing techniques and quality control are second to none. ARB will not compromise on spring design or manufacture. Price is per Spring Pack. You would need 2 FRONT and 2 REAR to outfit an entire vehicle. Bushings not included.

Front Light/Medium Load (OEMCS012FA) Rear Medium Load (OMECS038R ) Rear Heavy Constant Load (OMECS039R) Front HD Extra Leaf (OMED20XL)
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