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ABS Interior Panels for Samurai

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear

If your door panels are looking pretty ragged these days, why not swap them out with a set of these durable ABS plastic replacement panels. Not only are they tough, but they are a breeze to clean up - just open the door and hose them down. Kits include pre-cut pieces, all fasteners and complete installation instructions.

Don't be lured into a cheap knockoff of this product. Only Roadless Gear panels includes a full set of well-nut fasteners. This type of fastener ensures rattle free, secure mounting of your new panels to the body of your vehicle. No drilling required.

We now offer 3 versions of this kit: Front doors only (2 pcs), Rear panels only (3 pcs for soft top, 2 pcs for hard top) or the Complete Kit (5 pcs for soft top, 4 pcs for hard top). Specify hard top or soft top when ordering.

Available in Black only - but can be painted

Interior Panels - Samurai Hard Top Full Set (4 piece)
Interior Panels - Soft Top Rear (3 piece)
Interior Panels - Soft Top Rear (2 piece)
SKU: RG250S-R2
Interior Panels - Soft Top Tailgate Only (1 piece)
SKU: RG250-T
Interior Panels - Soft/Hard Top Front Doors Only (2 piece)
SKU: RG250-D
Interior Panels - Samurai Soft Top Full Set (5 piece)