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Driveshaft Spacers

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear

When you lift your Samurai more than 3 or 4 inches, you will need to extend the drive shaft as well. You can either go with a custom built driveshaft, or use one of these inexpensive spacers. Kits include spacer and new bolts. Available in 4 different thicknesses.  Fits all Suzuki Samurai model years. Fits both the axle side or the transfer case side.  Fits both front and rear driveshaft.  

Note: sold individually. Purchase one per driveshaft. For extreme lifts you can also add one to each end of your driveshaft to double the amount of extension (but be aware this increases the drive shaft angle). Under 4" of lift generally does not require a spacer. Standard SPOA usually requires 3/4" spacer. For YJ swap kits we suggest two 1" spacers up front and a 1" extended slip yoke in the rear.


1/2" Thick (RG216-0.5) 3/4" Thick (RG216-0.75) 1" Thick (RG216-1.00) 1 1/4" Thick (RG216-1.25) 1" for 88.5-95 (ST-DSP-005) 1 1/4" for 88.5-95 (ST-DSP-006)
1/2" Thick (RG216-0.5) 3/4" Thick (RG216-0.75) 1" Thick (RG216-1.00) 1 1/4" Thick (RG216-1.25)
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