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Complete Spring Over Axle Kit (SPOA)


UPDATE: This kit now includes the FULL OVER THE TOP STEERING KIT (instead of the Stage I kit that only moves the drag link).   This means that you now receive a new chromolly tie rod AND drag link - and both are moved above the springs for better steering geometry.

The problem with "Spring Over Axle" (SPOA) kits is that they are like watches.   Everybody's kit says something different - and they all think theirs is the right one.  All include spring perches.  Some include brake lines.   Some include steering correction.   Some include drivelines.   How much stuff you "need" and what is “optional” is all debatable.

Well, Roadless Gear has taken the debate out of the decision with our COMPLETE SPOA kit.   You’d be hard pressed to find something you’d like to add to this kit.   After installing this kit you’ll be able to clear 32 inch tires easily (33 inch tires with some bumper mods) and your offroad suspension performance will be 2nd to none with this type of lift.    Very friendly on-road handling as well.

This kit allows the consumer to add 4.5 inches of lift to their Suzuki Samurai with only minor welding of the spring pads recommended (not required – but recommended). The kit includes all parts needed to perform a safe and functional Spring Over Axle Conversion. Our heavy duty spring pads, our single "Over The Top" steering kit, two driveshaft spacers, new upper AND lower shock mounts for front AND rear. Even includes Doetsch Tech soft valve shocks (DT3333) so there is no guesswork here folks!   You will achieve maximum articulation with the longest travel suspension of any basic SPOA kit on the market.

Compare what you get to other kits out there and you'll see that in both quantity AND quality - this is the finest SPOA lift kit on the market today.


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